MERGER….. the future of India

According to Section 232 of the Companies Act 2013, Merger refers to an arrangement by which two or more companies join together to form one company. In other words, a merger is the combination of two or more companies into a single legal entity under which transferor companies lose its existence and hence dissolved and … Read moreMERGER….. the future of India

FAQs on filing of PAS-6 and Demat of Shares

Question: Is it applicable to all the Companies? Answer:  No, it is applicable on every unlisted public company shall except the following unlisted public companies: a Nidhi; a Government company or a wholly owned subsidiary  Question: Is there any exemption for any public Company for filing this form and private company which directly indirectly covered … Read moreFAQs on filing of PAS-6 and Demat of Shares